Are you thinking of joining the super affiliate network?

I bet you’ve read many Super Affiliate Network (SAN) reviews before this.

And, if this is the first you’ve read, no worries!



Every new SAN member will go through the same steps.

Upon signing up to the membership, you’ll automatically be assigned to a coach.

And, you’ll receive an email from your coach shortly after.

The system is designed so that you’ll constantly be in contact with your coach.

And, the training is Bootcamp style, which means that you’ll have to go through a step-by-step process.

You will not have full access to the system, instead, you will be drip fed with information.

How fast you unlock the training modules will depend on your progress with your coach.

This is good in a way for beginners to get started because they will not feel overwhelmed.

But at the same time, some people will feel a little irritated by this method.

Some might think that SAN is trying to hold them back so that they will have to pay for the next month’s subscription.

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What will you learn and how much does it cost to join the Super Affiliate Network?

  1. The-Super-Affiliate-Network-Membership-Area-MonthlyThe Super Affiliate Network Membership ($37 per month or $1 trial + $47 per month) Consist of 21 Modules which is separated into 3 phases. It teaches you about mindset, psychology, selling, list building, automation, email marketing.
  2. The Premium Membership ($97 one time fee – Upsell at checkout)  teaches the “Solo Ad Success Formula” that goes deeper into email marketing and finding the right solo ad provider.
  3. The Super Affiliate Monthly ($47 one time fee – Upsell at checkout) – A monthly video newsletter hosted by Misha Wilson where he will show you up-to-date marketing strategies
  4. The Pro Membership ($2,497 one time fee)  You’ll gain access to every product mentioned above, and several courses created specifically for the Pro Membership, “Authority Hacking”, “Systematic Profits”, “Solo Ad Success Formula”, “Magnetic Selling Machine”, “Push Button Swipe File Collection” as well as the access to any future courses.
  5. Maui Intensive Mentoring ($12,497 one time fee) – 4 day event where you will get intensive training on how to build marketing funnels, webinar presentations, sales machines, emails and more.

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